Learn to Optimize Your Performance with the Onnit Academy Longevity & Performance System

As the Chief Fitness Officer of Onnit Labs, I have been honored to coach many people through our fitness education system.  After receiving requests for additional coaching, I decided to make myself available to continually support our community of coaches and fitness enthusiasts via this website and the coaching services I offer here.

- Coach John Wolf

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Three Tiers of Online Fitness Coaching For You to Choose From With Three Levels of Service...


This is our most popular option. Each month a new workout plan is released and your account is auto-charged monthly. These programs have been designed to allow for the use of a variety of unconventional tools month to month while always offering a second program that utilizes bodyweight exercises and conventional weights. This assures that you can participate in the group no matter how much or little equipment you own.

  • $50 Monthly Subscription
  • Access until agreement terminated


This is the best option if you have specific goals you want to reach with regards to a particular skill, tool or competition.  Every aspect of the coaching program is designed to meet the needs and goals of the client.  This includes a customized monthly program, weekly Skype video calls and private messaging support.  Each week your program will be updated to reflect the information uncovered in your weekly calls.

  • $500 Monthly Investment
  • 3-month Minimum Commitment


This is our all inclusive version of Customized Individual Coaching that provides a much higher level of access to coaching.  Each month you will receive a care package filled with your supply of supplements and a piece of fitness equipment to add to your collection. In addition to the monthly care package you have access to one weekly in person training session, daily video reviews and up to 2 hours of phone support. 

  • $2000 Monthly Investment
  • 3-Month Minimum Commitment

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